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 Through his series of works ‘Ice Paintings’, Pierre Bonnefille explores the reflections of light on icy matter. He imagines ethereal landscapes of earth frozen by bitter winds. Captivated by the intense presence of ice-covered matter, the artist drew inspiration from the water trapped in the ice.

—  Inspired by the discovery of glaciers during a trip to Chilean Patagonia, and by the particular atmosphere that emerges from these immense mountains of ice, which liquefy slowly and flow suddenly, Pierre Bonnefille has worked on his new works by composing mixed materials with mother-of-pearl powders, whose iridescent reflections reveal the fragmentations of the ice under polar light.

 The liquid element in constant evolution, sometimes solid and opaque, at times evoking its natural clarity when the ice melts, varies under changing light and offers a sublime and infinite spectacle that the artist transcribes on his canvas.

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