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Pierre Bonnefille - PDW2023_Bréguet - (04) ©Luca Bonnefille.jpeg



Pierre Bonnefille


Sept 7th - Oct 22nd 2023

Galerie Pierre Bonnefille

5, Rue Bréguet

75011, Paris - France

Rhizome is a sculptural work inspired by nature, an exploration at the intersection of form and function.


This series is born from the artist's fascination with Japanese Ikebana baskets. These floral baskets bear witness to the ancient traditional art of woven bamboo, which reached its peak during the Meiji era (19th century). These objects inspire the artist through gradual immersion. The bamboo root, used as the handle of these baskets, carries within it the memory of the journey it took through the earth. It is matter and movement.


Poems on vegetal energy, the creations resulting from this series exhibit evident sculptural characteristics. Outlined with brushstrokes, the slender forms give these works a paticular tension.

In a monochromatic approach, Pierre Bonnefille works the surface in successive layers, using ground charcoal powder that infuses the material into the mass.

More than sketches, Pierre Bonnefille’s drawings form a kind of visual ideogram corpus that captures the essence of nature. They all express a search between fluidity and tension. The artist invites us to dive into this contemporary language, where every curve and line tells a profound story.

These works are a celebration of vegetal vitality, an invitation to contemplate our own relationship with the natural world.

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