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For this Hôtel Particulier rich in history, Pierre Bonnefille has created a contemporary language, offering a range of Bronze textures - present in the architecture of the place – and revealing its transformation around a harmony of textures, colours and lights.


The ‘Wall of Bronzes’, a large composition whose vibrant and shadyed texture catches the zenithal light, faces the hall’s pilasters, highlighting the long reception desk, imbrication of red and bronze blocks, as a hyphen between a recent past and an immediate future.


Like Arianne’s line and through the classic space of the 1st floor, Pierre Bonnefille continues the transformation of the different bronzes by giving the historical rooms their own characteristic identity, with the idea of working with a double skin in resonance with the wall of Bronzes.

Keeping with its contemporary narrative, the artist revisits the impressive Ballroom with its crystal chandeliers, creating huge abstract paintings on which the fluid bronze texture seems to hang under a coffered and molded ceiling, entirely patinated in bronze.




 Pierre Bonnefille continued a play of geometric forms on the 18th century mouldings in the hotel particulier in fine and powdered material textures, juxtaposing mat, shiny and iridescent surfaces.


A shifting effect is also obtained by subtly softening the preciousness of the mouldings in function of the light, while creating a beautiful link with the architecture of Place Vendôme.



PARIS, 2010


‘‘From the brightness of a flower to the softness of moss’’.


Invited by the architect Isabelle Marchal, Pierre Bonnefille was able to create works for the offices of the caisse des dépôts et consignations in Paris.


He created a journey of bold colors while imagining a Japanese garden. These ideas were developed through a series of large-scale mural compositions. All the surrounding surfaces are grey. The neutrality of the surrounding exteriors allows the rhythms of the colored panels to guide the visitor through and around the building. The panels are used to create a framework, to trace out a series of proportions bringing a new character to each of the volumes.


Pierre Bonnefille searches for a harmony between the inside and the outside. He looks to understand the volumes, the articulations, observing how the walls are transformed by light. Color is used as an element of construction.

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