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Pierre Bonnefille - Musée Guimet - Bronze painting



Pierre Bonnefille

Meditation Room

01 - 20 September 2021

Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet

Hôtel d'Heidelbach

19 Avenue d'Iéna

75116 Paris

Pierre Bonnefille - Musée Guimet - Bronze painting - Meditation Room

      As part of the Paris Design Week 2021, the MNAAG invites the artist Pierre Bonnefille to present, within the Hôtel d'Heidelbach, a monumental work: Meditation Room as well as a series of works and pieces of furniture inspired by Asia, in the middle of the Chinese collections of the museum.


Central installation of the exhibition located in an 18th century wooded living room, Meditation Room invites for contemplation and meditation. Pierre Bonnefille recreates a monumental circular room whose walls, composed of his Bronze Paintings covered with gold, reflect a particular light. The installation here is the painting itself which unfolds over the entire surface of the structure and encourages wandering. The discovery of this immersive environment physically interacts with the spectator, inviting him to an experience that is both personal and collective.

       Sprinkled in the adjacent Chinese collections, a series of objects, unique sculptural pieces, punctuate the space and dialogue with the past. This conversation invites to discover the universe of Pierre Bonnefille and his special attachment to Asia. The link with nature is omnipresent in the work of the artist, we find it here through the exploration of forms and materials, which evoke plants and minerals.


On the wall, paintings on paper from the Furoshiki series echo the art of traditional Japanese wrapping that has existed since the Nara period (8th century), and its gestures that fascinate the artist.


From his travels in Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia, Pierre Bonnefille brings back as many natural elements as pieces worked by the hand of man. The works presented on the occasion of this exhibition at the Hôtel d'Heidelbach testify to the memories of these travels and the observations of the artist.

« Artists come from one country, but in spirit they inhabit many others (...) Pierre Bonnefille has long resided in Asia, in that Far East (China, Korea, Japan) which has led nomadic poets to the "understanding of the Orient". »

                                                                                                                                                                     - Thierry Grillet

Pierre Bonnefille - MNAAG PDW 21 - Exhibition Teasing
Pierre Bonnefille - Musée Guimet -
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